Cemetery History

A stroll through the cemetery is like a walk through the pages of Chambersburg's Catholic history. It is possible to trace the early German and Irish families who settled in the greater Chambersburg region. The cemetery consists of Italian immigrants who contributed their expertise to quarry operations in the area. the area's development as a railroad center, the establishment of Letterkenny Army Depot, and the increase in migrant workers to the area all appear as chapters in the history of Corpus Christi Cemetery.

Victims of various epidemics, including the the great influenza epidemic, which swept through the region, are at rest in the cemetery .

The sacrifices of veterans in the armed forces, dating all the way from the Civil War, are reflected in the memorials at the cemetery of those who sacrificed their time, effort, and for some, their lives, to defend this country.

The parents of the first Archbishop of New York, John Hughes, together with other members of his family are buried in Corpus Christi Cemetery. Archbishop Hughes is remembered as initiating the building of New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral. 

Two priests, the Very Reverend Francis C. Noel, who served Corpus Christi from 1893 until his death in 1939, and the Reverend Father Ambrose P. Hayden are buried in the Priest's Burial Circle located on the entrance road of the cemetery.

The orderly development of the cemetery reflects the efforts of the pastors of Corpus Christi, the caretakers who worked under their leadership, local monument dealers, and the cooperation and goodness of the parishioners of Corpus Christi.

Headstone for the grave of Very Rev. Francis C. Noel at the Corpus Chisti Cemetery in Chambersburg, PA.

Very Reverened Francis C. Noel is buried at Corpus Christi Cemetery.