• 1790: Mass is celebrated close to Chambersburg, PA for the first time.

  • 1792: Christ's Church, a log church, is established by Father Dennis Cahill in Chambersburg.

  • 1795: Conewago assumes responsibility for the mission church.

  • 1804: A graveyard for the deceased Catholic faithful is built beside Christ's Church.

  • 1812: A new church, Corpus Christi, is constructed in stone.

  • 1820: Father Charles Kearns becomes the original pastor in residence at Corpus Christi.

  • 1827: Corpus Christi receives an organ  which was originally from a church in Philadelphia.

  • 1874: Corpus Christi School is established.

  • 1893: Five acres of land is bought by Corpus Christi to be used as a new cemetery.

  • 1895: Cemetery is consecrated.

  • 1899: Land is excavated in preparation for building a new church.

  • 1900: The current church's cornerstone is laid. 

  • May 30, 1907: Corpus Christi's new church is dedicated.

  • 1909: Around 500 bodies are relocated from the old cemetery to the present cemetery.

  • 1922: Corpus Christi School building is built.

  • 1939: Sisters of St. Joseph's new covenant is inaugurated.

  • 1956: Corpus Christi School building is modified.

  • 1964: Corpus Christi School is expanded.

  • 1984: Corpus Christi Church is finished being renovated.

  • 1985: The A&P building is bought by Corpus Christi.

  • 1987: Sisters of St. Joseph end their ninety-nine years of service at Corpus Christi School.

  • 1990: A program is establshed to have the old A&P transformed into the parish center.

Did you know? The Archdiocese's of New York's initial Archbishop, John Hughes, was once a parishioner of Corpus Christi.

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