The Jesus Card

A question that is sometimes asked; Why send your children to Corpus Christi Catholic School? There are many different answers to that question. Some may say it is for small class sizes. Others might answer that they want a Christ centered education for their child. Perhaps the fact that Christian values can be talked about in the classroom is another reason.

We know that, on average, the students that attend CCCS test higher on standardized tests than others their age. We also know that our students are well prepared for whatever high school they want to attend, from area public high schools, to private schools such as St. Maria Goretti in Hagerstown and Mercersburg Academy. These schools often send feedback to us, saying that they know that a student who has graduated from CCCS is well prepared in all subject areas.

We do have an advanced curriculum at CCCS. Our alums have often told us that sometimes 9th grade is a little too easy, because they already have a firm foundation across the curriculum. Over the years we have had an occasional public school teacher move over to CCCS and finish their teaching career here. In asking them what differences they see, a primary one is often that the small class sizes allow them more freedom in lesson planning and pacing. They also love that CCCS does not mandate that teachers be on a specific page on a specific day, thus allowing them to move faster or slow down to facilitate the students’ mastery of the subject matter.

But it isn’t just about teaching a specific subject that draws our teachers to CCCS. We also quickly become aware that we have great students at the school. Students who model caring and respect for each other, themselves, and those around them. The students, however, are not perfect! We all have room to improve. Which brings me to a story told to me by one of our teachers who moved from public school to CCCS.

This teacher was at CCCS for about a month. We had already talked several times about the differences of what she could and could not talk about at CCCS vs public school. One day at lunch she came to me with a smile on her face. She said, “I got to pull the Jesus card today!” Of course, I had to ask her what that meant.

She said that a child in her classroom was not being truthful about something. She gave him ample opportunity to tell the truth, but the child was not willing to admit the truth. Standing quietly in the hallway with him, she finally said, “So, you're telling me that if Jesus was standing right here beside me, you would still say that you are being truthful?” With that, the child got tears in his eyes and finally told the truth!

She told me that in her past public school teaching, she had often wanted to say that, giving the child the opportunity to be honest, but she would not have been allowed.

Having the right tools to use, to help our students form a good conscience is, indeed, a very important part in teaching the students at CCCS. Our teachers are able to work side by side with our parents to instill a love of God, neighbor, and self in our students.

Our mission: To Know Jesus, to Love Jesus, and to Serve Jesus. I look forward to contributing to the Corpus Christi Church Blog and hope that I can offer some small insights into what makes CCCS the right choice for our children.

Patty Dolaway

Corpus Christi Catholic School


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