Purpose, Provisions, and Promise

A great way to think about God's greatness and generosity is to reflect on the three “Ps”; Purpose, Provisions and Promise. God created each one of us to share in His own blessed life. For this reason he draws close to us and calls us to seek Him, to know Him and to love Him. That’s why we were created.

So – Our purpose (yours and mine) is to build a relationship with God; to discover who He is, what He has done and continues to do for us. Additionally we must discern what His will is for our life and then live life striving to do what He desires us to do. That's our purpose in life. Ultimately God’s will for all of us is to enjoy forever eternal life in heaven.

To accomplish our purpose, God have given each of us the provisions we need to do exactly that. He has given each of us skills and abilities to discover, to develop and to use to sow goodness and love throughout the world. God has given us the Church, the sacraments, the sacred scriptures, sacred traditions, priests, each other, etc. to help nurture our relationship with Him and to guide and strengthen us in our faith journey in life. Wherever we live, work, travel and recreate, God provides the gifts and the graces we need to do what He has created us to do.

God gives us His promise that is an eternal resting place in heaven filled with unimaginable joy, peace, harmony and happiness. So today make the commitment to continue to build up your relationship with Jesus Christ. Today search for, discover and put in to use the provisions, the gifts and the graces God has lovingly showered down upon you. Today and every day be full of hope and good cheer knowing that if you do what God has created you to do, you will live for all eternity with God forever in His Kingdom of Heaven.

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