Why I love the Holy Spirit and why you should too!

The Holy Spirit was, is and will always be our advocate, our consoler, our comforter and well spring of never-ending grace. Consider these truths of the Spirit’s work in the creation and salvation of the world. The Holy Spirit hovered over the waters as the earth was formed and the breath of life was breathed into man. The Holy Spirit guided the man of Faith; Abraham, the family of Noah and the nation of Israel as God the Father nurtured a people to call his own. The Holy Spirit laid down the law of God and later instilled them in the heart and mind of every woman and man. Without the Holy Spirit humanity would have surely suffered eternal death because of sin but the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary to bring the Messiah our savior into the world. Without the Holy Spirit there would be no sacraments, no baptism, no confirmation or the other sacraments, for it is through the Holy Spirit and the words, the matter and the hands of the priests to bless us and give us sacramental grace. Without the Holy Spirit there would be no Eucharist, for it is through the power of the Holy Spirit and with the words of consecration spoke by the priest that the bread and wine truly becomes the Lord himself present among us, his body and his blood. Without the Holy Spirit there would have been no apostles, no pope, no bishops and no priests because it is by the laying on of hands, with the anointing of Sacred Chrism and the calling down of the Holy Spirit that these individuals are empowered to shepherd the flock of God and to lead us toward holiness and heaven. Without the Holy Spirit there would be no Church! My friends God the Father created us, God the Son saved us and God the Holy Spirit guides us, protects us and strengthens us each and every day to live a life worthy of heaven and to avoid the things that would otherwise lead us to hell.

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