Relying on Jesus

Everywhere Jesus and his disciples went people recognized him. In every town or village he entered, people sought him out to meet him, to listen to him speak, to obtain his help and healing and to learn to live as he directed so that they would obtain eternal life. To what extent or what level of effort do we put forth to meet Jesus, to listen to Jesus, to spend time with him so that we can learn and live by what he directs us to do? We must ask ourselves, is there anything in my life that diverts my attention away from knowing Jesus, living like Jesus, loving like Jesus. We need to ask ourselves if are there worries, struggles, fears and cares that I haven’t taken to the Lord for his help and healing. Today and everyday be assured that the Lord is in our midst, watching over us and protecting us by his awesome power and providence. He wants nothing more than for us to give ourselves totally to him, to rely on him for he will indeed provide us his help, his healing, him mercy, his love and his care.

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