Usher Ministry 

Connie L. Marino is our Head Usher/Leader - to volunteer or ask questions: or 304-671-1167.

The Corpus Christi Ushers are volunteers who assist parishioners at weekend and Holy Day Masses.

Responsibilities/Duties include:


  • Assist parishioners and visitors to find a seat 

  • Assist handicapped persons 

  • Select a family to present the Offertory Gifts  

  • One usher will carry up the collection with the offertory envelopes/cash and present to the priest

  • Contact Medical Team Members that are present in the Church, as needed, for anyone requiring medical attention

  • Contact Security Team Members, as needed, to observe or approach people exhibiting suspicious behavior

  • Help direct ambulance, firemen, or police to the scene of an incident, if they were contacted to respond